How to download birth And death certificate download by name

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Download Birth Certificate Online: Birth registration is the first step in establishing a child's rights and identity. Under the Births and Deaths Registration Act, of 1969 it is mandatory to report every birth and death to the Registrar. The Gujarat government has launched the eOlakh portal to download birth certificates online.

How to download  birth And death certificate download by name
How to download  birth And death certificate download by name

Application for Gujarat Birth Certificates can be made through all Gram Panchayats, Taluka Panchayats, and Municipal Offices. The Registrar of Births and Deaths has to be reported to the Registrar of Births and Deaths whenever a birth or death occurs in the State or any place. This rule is a provision under the Registrar of Births and Deaths Acts, 1969. Registration of births and deaths is mandatory, which has to be done at the place of occurrence. Registration of birth certificate has to be done at the nearest place i.e. where the child was born.

Birth And Death Certificate Download

Scheme Name:- Download Birth/Death Certificate Online in Gujarat

Assistance:- –

State;- Gujarat

OBJECTIVE:- To speed up the process of birth and death registration so people can benefit from the service at home

Benefit:- People of Gujarat state

Mode of Application:- Online / Offline

Contact:- Gram Panchayat Office

                Municipal Office

                Municipal Corporation Office

Download Birth Certificate Online / Birth Certificate Download

Application for Online Registration of Birth (e-Identity) has been developed by the National Informatics Centre, State of Gujarat for the Department of Health and Welfare, Government of Gujarat. If there is any problem with this application or suggestions regarding the application, the Deputy Registrar (Birth-Death) and Additional Director (Statistics), Block 5/3, Dr. Please contact Jivaraj Mehta Bhawan, Gandhinagar – 382010. Further, the District Registrar (Birth-Death) and the Chief District Health Officer officiating at the concerned Zilla Panchayat are requested to be contacted for the guidance of the District District Committee.

Birth Certificate

Currently, Digital Gujarat Portal was launched by Gujarat State for all these processes. This can be registered on the Digital Gujarat portal and further a portal called eOlakh has also been created. In which the people of the state recorded the death certificate and birth certificate online. Registration of birth is mandatory within 21 days otherwise we may have to submit other required documents.

Download Death Certificate Online/death certificate search by name

Downloading death certificates in the same way as birth certificates are downloaded. All information given above is as of today

Download the Gujarat Birth Certificate

Nowadays it is easy to use all the government services without visiting any office as all the services are working online. You know using basic internet and then using all government services is easy. This certificate does not require any signature. It is allowed everywhere in Gujarat.

The state government has created a simple online system called Digital Gujarat Portal. Apart from this, an online portal called eOlakh has also been developed for civilian deaths. In which people can register death and birth certificates. Apart from this Online Birth/Death Certificate Download, Gujarat can also do it. According to the law, birth registration has to be done within 21 days and if it is delayed, they have to provide additional documents and more fees as it including the late fee.

eOlakh Birth And Death Registration

e Olakh portal created by the central government for birth and death registration. You can register all these things. And this portal works in different ways in each state so you have to register accordingly. In addition to this birth/death registration, you have to submit all the following supporting evidence. to be

  • Application form in prescribed format
  • Proof of place of birth where the child was born (by a medical officer)
  • Residence proof of parents
  • Identity proof of parents
  • Marriage registration certificate of parents
  • If born in a rural area, go to the village panchayat office and get registered
  • If born in an urban area, registration has to be done at the Municipal Corporation or Maha Nagar Corporation

How to download a birth certificate? / How to download the death certificate?

  1. First, go to the official website
  2. Then click on the Download Certificate button.
  3. Select option -> Birth / Death.
  4. Select -> Application Number / Mobile Number.
  5. Write the application number or mobile number in a box.
  6. Type the year in the second box.
  7. Click on the Search Data button.
  8. PDF file downloaded for future use.

Death Certificate Gujarat

According to the Births and Deaths Act 1969, every death must be registered within 21 days of its occurrence in the concerned state or union territory. The government has allocated a Registrar General at the Center and Chief Registrars at the states to help citizens register deaths. Following are the ways to register the death.

If a death occurs in a household, the head of the household is liable to register the death in the concerned registrar's office.

If a death occurs in a hospital, a person authorized by the institution is responsible for registering the death in the concerned registrar's office.

If a death occurs in a prison, the in charge of the prison can register the death in the office of the registrar concerned.

If a death occurs in a public place, the local police in charge or village head can register the death.

The following details need to be known about the deceased person:

Applicant's Name

Gender of the applicant

Father's name

Name of wife or husband

birth date

Permanent Address Contact No

Name and race of the deceased

Applicant's relationship with the deceased person

Place and date of death


Documents required for the death certificate

The following are the required documents to apply for a death certificate:

  • Duly filled and signed application form.
  • Statement of death declaration issued by hospital or nursing home.
  • Postmortem report, if required
  • Permission for delayed death registration.
  • aadhar card.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Ration card.

eOlakh Birth and Death Registration Gujarat

In addition, if you want to register the birth and death certificate of any district of the state of Gujarat, you can visit the government website given below and get more information.


Download Birth Certificate Online         Click Here

Download the Death Certificate Online  Click Here

Home Page                                                 Click here


What is the website to download birth certificates?

What services are available from the eolakha site?

Birth / Death Certificate

Birth certificate service falls under which department?

Department of Health and Welfare, Government of Gujarat

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