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How To Create Fiverr Gig Image size 2021-2022 Everything You Need To Know About Fiverr Gig Image Size

How To Create Fiverr Gig Image size 2021 Everything You Need To Know About Fiverr Gig Image Size

How To Create Fiverr Gig Image size 2021 The best practice of creating an image is to look at other jigs that are selling, and how they have created their gig image just to get an idea, of what designs are in demand in the market. So you can create the same design so you get clicks.

Everything You Need To Know About Fiverr Gig Image Siz

What is Fiverr Gig Image Size? To make sure your gig is perfectly visible on Fiverr on Desktop & on mobile phones

What is Fiverr Gig Image Size?

Here are 6 rules you must follow when using Fiverr Gig Image Size 

1. Pick an image that you feel is apt for your chosen market or situation

2. Choose a location that is popular with the crowd and has a good number of Fiverr 

3. The most essential thing in image size is clarity 

4. Do you have clear goals, backdrop, and background in your image? 

5. Are you able to share your image on Instagram or Twitter for more exposure? 

6. Can you pay your fees from credit or debit cards? 

1. Choose an image that you feel is apt for your chosen market or situation 

2. Choose a business card style picture that will work well for your gig 

3. If you are a freelancer, you may want to customize the image to fit your gig.

Why should you care about Fiverr gig image size?

Some people are confused about how to make sure their gigs are visible on Fiverr Gig. Fortunately, we are here to help you. First, you can’t download or take a picture of the real Fiverr page. You need to edit the official image size. So before you click on the “Submit Gig” button on the Fiverr Gig Image Size webpage, you should check if your image size is OK. 

There are 6 general recommended size images sizes: widescreen (1176 x 768 pixels) fullscreen (1280 x 800 pixels) medium (1176 x 768 pixels) high (1280 x 800 pixels) ultra (1024 x 768 pixels) extra-large (1176 x 768 pixels) Obviously, different gigs are being uploaded and graded in different sizes. You must create a unique gig file and upload it in its corresponding image size.

How to resize your images

1. Choose all the images and click on the checkbox for Show Standard Image Size 

2. Now go to the program that you have installed on your computer. In Windows – use Paint or another image editor. In macOS – use Inkscape or other image editing program 

3. Open the image that you have chosen and go to File -> Save As…. 

4. Go to your ‘Save As…’ dialog box, put in the name of your PDF, select ‘PDF’, and click OK. 

5. Now go to the program that you have installed on your computer. In Windows – use Paint or another image editing program 

6. Open your file and then click on the button that says -“Properties -> Resize Image”. 

7. Choose the image size you would like your PDF to have and click OK.



Use the Fiverr Gig Image Size for mobile phones Important: If you need to upload a Job Complex Job, you might need to increase the file size Use the Fiverr Gig Image Size for Mobile Phone Summary: For bigger projects use Fiverr Gig Image Size Important: Uploading to the file-sharing network might increase the file size. 

Use Fiverr Gig Image Size for iPhone Important: As Fiverr requires uploading to the network Use Fiverr Gig Image Size for iPhone Summary: Fiverr image size for iPhone is enormous. Do you need to resize it Fiverr Image Size for iPhone Using Fiverr Gig Image Size Summary: You need to resize it

Also, see here is a person who has used a work sample in his image, this is a great practice you can also try this, besides, you can also try some images like this simple and airplane image, this other here But you can get different image ideas from here, so what do you have to do.

Get ideas from it and then create your own design, keep one thing in mind, never download or screenshot someone's image and try to imitate someone else's design, i.e. design it yourself but imitate someone completely, don't do that.

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  • How do I make a picture on Fiverr?
  • How do I optimize a gig image on Fiverr?
  • How do I upload a gig image on Fiverr?

Your image should never match anyone, the image design should be your own. So we will use to create the design. The link will be in the resources section so don't worry about it.

Fiverr gig image size

On you can also take suggestions from other vendors, what they think will be the best image size for you. The second default image size is 37 by 370 by5050 pixels and the file size should not exceed 5MB, which means that if your image size exceeds 5MB, the image will not be uploaded, so keep this in mind.

So we get the sizing which is 550 by 370 pixels which we got here on the canvas, after clicking on 'Create Design' add the Custom Dimension and then here add the parameters which are 550 by 370, and make sure to select the pixels and on Create Click.

New design button. Now here we have a new template and here you can also use these already existing templates, some of them are free and some are paid, if you click on any template it will be uploaded this way, and then You can create any.

Fiverr gig video size

Changes come whatever you like, but we're not going to use a template, we'll design a new one from scratch, so let me give you some ideas here we have an upload button if you have an image or file you want So here you can upload it and use it, or here we have a section of photos we also click and find Instagram.

So I searched on Instagram here we found some images, some of them are free and some are tagged so for this you need to buy a canvas Pro account, you have to buy a subscription for this so I do not recommend spending money, you can buy these free images We can use these free images and you can use all of these.

It can use a lot of images, so you have to try to add the most relevant image, like if I like this image, and then if you want to add a text you can just add it from the text section, here are Some text samples that are also available. You can also use these templates, or you can use them from scratch.

gig image size for Fiverr

Suppose let me write we added a text, if you want to change the text in the sidebar, you have different fonts, some of them have crowns because I have a paid subscription, that's why I have this gray symbol, you Yellow, but we're just going to use the front end fonts from here, so you don't think anything can be done for free, so you can use this website so free you don't face any problems.

So I've put it this way, I'm just making a sample image, this is not a final image, you don't need to copy this, the only purpose is to let you know how the canvas can be used.

Now if you want to change the color option above, you can choose any color you like according to your choice besides, we have an element tab here you can find many elements like these Instagram icons you can find many. Choose these elements from them and again here as free and paid icons are available.

Suppose I like this triangle, and I'm putting it behind this text so that the text is visible to us, now you can adjust this. Also, include the text. If you want this triangle above your text, click here Please.

We have a lot of positions like forwarding back cover etc. If I click on the back here the text will be behind the triangle and if I click on the front it will be on the front so you can also check if this position becomes a tab, if the text does not appear in the case. So from here, I click here, choose both of these, otherwise, you can explore it yourself and do some experiments so that you really realize how this works, suppose our image is ready here

How To Create Fiverr Gig Image size 2022
How To Create Fiverr Gig Image size 2021

Fiverr gig image maker

You can also try these other options. This is a great website, I have been using it for a long time and then I click here to download, again if you resize the file the size of the file will be exactly the same. What I'm going to do is I just click the download button here and our image will be ready after downloading image is downloaded here, and in the same way, I am another designer here.

Again this is not a design, just a sample image I wanted to let you know, now what I have done here is the background color if you see it here there is the option 'background' if you click here you have a different background option So here I have chosen the background color, and on that background, I have placed this icon from the element section and pro.

This text here is not a complete image that I am repeating but you can do an experiment next, we will see how to create a gig using this image, and how to upload it we will see how to create a complete gig.

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