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NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan 2022 NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan

NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan 2022 NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan: In this post, we will tell you how to check Magnerega Job Card List Rajasthan Online. Now anyone can sit at home and check the MNREGA list. The Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of India has made available the official website regarding Job Card. Where anyone can see the list of job cards of his gram panchayat. But due to a lack of information about this facility, most of our residents of Rajasthan are not able to take advantage of it. That is why we have stated here in a simple way how to check NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan Online?

Under the Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme, poor families are given employment only in the Gram Panchayat. Many people still do not get their job cards, so they are not getting the benefit of this scheme. If you want to check the list of NREGA job card holders of your gram panchayat, you can do so very easily. With this, you can know how many people have job cards in your gram panchayat. So let's get started.

How to check NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan 2022 online?

To check the list of MNREGA Job Cards, visit the official website of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. With this, the prescribed procedure has to be followed to check the list. Here we have explained all the steps in a simple way. You read it carefully and continue to do as we say.

Step-1 Open the web portal

First, open any internet web browser on your mobile or computer. Then enter in the address bar. For your convenience here, we are providing a direct link to this web portal. You will be able to open the website directly through this - click here

Select the Step-2 Job Cards option

After opening the official website of the Ministry of Rural Development, you will see various options on the screen. All this information is related to the job card. To check the list of job cards, you have to click on the option of Job Cards in the Generate Reports section below.

Step-3 Select Rajasthan

Now on the screen, you will see the names of all the states of India. We have to check the list of Rajasthan Job Card so select Rajasthan in this list.

Step-4 Select your district, block, and panchayat

Now you have to choose some details. For example, choose 2020-21 or 2022-23 in the financial year. Then select your district. Similarly, choose the name of your block and the name of the gram panchayat. After selecting all the details, click on the Proceed option given below.

Step-5 Select Job Card / Employment Register

After this, the option to view various reports related to the job card will appear on the screen. We have to look at the name in the list of job cards, so R1. In the Job Card / Register box, select the Job Card / Employment Registration option.

Step-6 Check the list of job cards

You select that the list of Gram Panchayat NREGA Job Card of your choice will immediately open on the screen. Here you can verify your name. With this, you can know whose job card has been issued in your gram panchayat.


We have also made a video on how to check the list of job card holders online in Rajasthan. This is called the step-by-step process of listing. To see your name in the MNREGA list, you should also watch this video once so that you can better understand the whole process.

MNREGA Job Card List Key Points

The scheme is mostly implemented in rural areas to provide employment to the unemployed people living in rural areas.

You can view and download the list of job cards by visiting the official MNREGA website of your state, regardless of your state.

You can apply for NREGA Job Card online from anywhere in the country.

Work to be done under NREGA scheme

Residential construction

The work of integration

Irrigation work


Construction of Gaushala

Road construction

How To Download NREGA Job Card Mobile App

If you want to download the NREGA Job Card app, first go to your mobile phone's Play Store and find the NREGA Services mobile app.

After doing this, the application comes in front of you and you install it and the mobile application is downloaded to your phone.

Rajasthan NREGA Job Card List Helpline Number

If you are facing any problem in viewing NREGA Job Card List Rajasthan, you can contact the following helpline number: -

Toll free number: 1800111555 / 1800-180-6127

NREGA Job Card List Check Video



Rajasthan NREGA Job Card List PDF Questions on how to download and see your name in Job Card List are explained in detail in this article but you can still visit the official website of the NREGA Job Card if you face any problems. And besides, you can also ask in the comment box.

State Wise NREGA Job Card List 2022

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