which of the following best describes the protocols used on the internet?

What is the internet protocol (IP)? It's a set of rules that computers on the network (which can be shared by two or more computers in different cities) follow when transferring data and running OS like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

A TCP/IP is a stack of protocols used on the Internet which uses TCP/IP as its backbone. A packet (or a package of information and data) is transmitted through IP to reach another computer in the network. As it travels, IP packets have several layers.


A layer is a subdivision on top of others and it has higher-level protocols for communication. TCP/IP itself is not an end-to-end protocol but it works as a framework for all other protocols. TCP/IP is one of the most widely used communication networks worldwide, used mainly in connecting one device to another(in this case multiple networks like home networks to work from and business networks).

The following article describes how to tell the Internet by simply switching off your machine because it might be helpful for you to know some things about your own computing environment. We have discussed what you need to know before going into details about specific protocols of the Internet.

If you plan on making money with web hosting then read our guide on choosing a cPanel host which will allow you to host unlimited websites and multiple sites.

To make use of the features that Google Chrome offers then download the chrome extension. You can install it on your desktop and start using Chrome there for example. If you want to see how much they spend, check out their budget.

Since many people rely on VPNs then let us show you one such useful tool called Hotspot Shield which makes sure no unwanted persons can access my PC.

The server that you want will be hidden behind a username (SSHA) or domain name. To locate it simply go to www.google.com. Then type http://www.google.com. Here you enter a password.

Alternatively, you can add DNS suffixes after your own servers. This will resolve any website hosted within your server that would otherwise not exist on your server. In this scenario, we do not want anyone to find out anything about who we are.

When the user logs into the page, he must first agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Once he does so, the content loaded within the browser will appear on the screen without any problems.

You can choose to share your files and folders with anyone, no one else needs to access them unless permission is given in advance. By sharing access only, if you decide to share your folder and files with anybody then no one else should get access to them.

Once the user agrees to these permissions, click 'Ok' and click 'Next'. Now you can see more detailed details of the permissions. Choose the location of the file in which you want to save the document. If you choose to upload the document to the main directory, then no one outside the browser will be able to access the document. To choose whether all contents on the document will be visible, you need to write the document to this option.

On this window, it is also possible to customize your view window where each of the documents that contain photos will be presented. This option is recommended by web developers so that it gives a chance to control everything in the layout.

In order to increase profits and keep up with the demand, every company creates a new database on its own server, however, whenever data is needed (for instance we may need to update old records), then Google takes charge instead of Microsoft. After a little while, the users are confused and they often ask these questions: Google says: "We're sorry but the system cannot manage these archives anymore. Please move them to another server."

As we can see here, there is a possibility to create a service account to save all our data, as well as edit existing ones. Another option in this case is to create additional accounts and add your own. For more options, you can select the free tier of a paid service account that comes with a lot of services.

It's important to bear in mind that only certain programs will run on the server. So in this case, it is advisable to sign up for SSL certificates, so that nobody can intercept or sniff data. This feature is available only for public computers, so try to avoid installing other software on your computer.

The HTTP request is just a series of commands that request a specific resource, whereas the XML, XHTML, or HTML documents are basically written by an editor who writes the documents.

When you send a request to an HTTPS page then Chrome automatically sends out a certificate to verify that it's secure. This certificate is signed with RSA and it is the same certificate used for signing TLS certificates.

There’s an issue with the code in the HTTP response header, so make sure to fix it. When you visit a webpage that’s not accessible through that URL, it won't load properly. Try changing the website address. One way would be to add HTTPS in the source code.

The HTTP response header does not have an error code. But when an error occurs, then the user will see a 404 error message, and all his requests will fail.

The best time to learn JavaScript is when you’re coding since now you can quickly debug and solve errors when they occur while having JavaScript experts around. The advantage is that the code does not change, meaning that you don't have to worry about your project's size; but you will have to pay attention to how your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files are structured and linked together, so it's preferable to choose from pre-installed extensions.

You can learn Java by reading tutorials on YouTube or simply searching the Web. Also known as JVM, java runs on the client-side, on a single server. JVM handles both server-side and client-side.

The JSON is a simple format that allows storing JSON objects in a serialized form (this is similar to XML files but with special handling). JSON is used in almost all popular programming languages in the world.

JavaScript has been extensively adopted in mobile phones, video games, social media, and email clients. However, even though Android and iOS platforms come with support for JavaScript, it still looks quite ugly even on large devices like iPhones.

You can access HTML5, which is an open-source version of HTML5, by installing an emulator. However, in order to use the web server, you need to edit the HTML source itself.

If you can get hold of a desktop, you'll need to obtain an upgrade for at least 10 GB. Although there are a few good alternatives to laptops, you'll probably choose that one over your laptop.

If the user has any kind of problem using Firefox then they will always visit Mozilla's forum page for assistance. You can use this page to discuss the issues, and also provide help with possible solutions.

The search engine also performs various types of searches in order to identify a specific word or phrase in such a way that it shows you results and matches keywords to them. There are lots of ways to perform searches here, including by entering words and phrases directly in the field.

You can perform searches using “search engines”, “search engines” and Google, Yahoo!, Bing!, Yandex, etc.

Yandex provides two search engines: yandex.com and yandex.ru. With Yahoo! you can see a list of Yahoo! Search results, and from Bing, you can see the search results, Bing. While Google lets you search your search engines by keywords.

In order to know the correct format to insert a keyword, you need to add text in quotation marks. This keyword is more likely than not to appear on Yahoo! Search, in case it is searched for on other search engines.

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To find out which exact results of search engines are available, go for a look at Google Search results on your computer. The results are usually displayed in the same color scheme as the names on Google.com.

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