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Best App For Women's Safety In India

Best App For Women's Safety In India

Indian Women Security App is developed to protect the lives of people in any emergency situation. In case of any unsafe situation, simply tap the SOS button to raise emergency SOS alerts to trusted contacts saved in the app. SOS Alert will inform you in the form of an SMS that you are unsafe and need help. The SMS contains the exact current GPS location along with the user's address along with a Google Map link. Trusted contacts can use this Google Maps link to get directions and navigate to the victim's exact location. The app can be used for your personal security, women's security, and child security.


Mahila Suraksha app provides tips for women's safety, tips to avoid danger, Indian Penal Code sections related to women, and videos that help in self-defense.

To send SOS alerts to trusted contacts, the user must accept certain permissions asked by the app. These granted permissions allow the app to get location details, read contacts, make calls and send SMS.

Women Safety App Features

• SOS emergency alert

• Women's Safety Tips

• Tips for avoiding bullying

• Self Defense Videos

• IPS department related to women's security

Why Women's Security App?

• Works without internet

• SMS based

• Works even in low network signals

• No user data is collected in the background

• Very lightweight

Women Helpline Number

Gujarat Government Abhyam (24x7) 181

Gujarat Government Abhyam App:- Click here

Women's safety app is for SOS alert in case of any emergency. So the developer is not responsible for any misuse of the app.

જવાબ જાણવા માટે 👇

Click here to download Mahila Suraksha App

Rajkot Women's Police 'Safe' App

Security applications are developed keeping in mind as an important element of our society. This app is very easy to operate and with its help women can avoid uncertain dangers and difficulties.

This application has two main parts:


Track ride

1. Help button

This feature has a red button, when a person presses that red button, a message will be sent to 3 friends and family people with the current location (pre-selected contact numbers at the time of application installation).

Also, a message will be sent to the police control room in nanoseconds and this app will trace the current location for 30 minutes.

2. Track ride button

This feature is designed for people taking auto rickshaw-taxi, anyone traveling in a rickshaw can enter and submit the auto number in the application, and this number will be verified with the backend data present in the record.

If the entered number is not verified, the user can enter the start and end location in the app, and a message with the start and end location will be sent to 2 parents (pre-selected contact numbers at the time of application installation).

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