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Thoptv: A Streaming Service For People Who Love Watching Movies

Thoptv: A Streaming Service For People Who Love Watching Movies

ThopTV is an android application that allows you to watch Live Sports, TV Shows, Dramas, Serials, Movies, Songs, and other entrainment channels.

Section 1: ThopTV Introduction

Thoptv, also known as TvTor, is an android app that allows you to watch Live Sports, TV Shows, Dramas, Serials, Movies, Songs, and other entrainment channels. You can also listen to your favorite music by clicking on the link to play a video on YouTube or another internet streaming platform. All these contents come at your fingertips without you having to wait for the channel to play your favorite show. ThopTV also supports both audio and video streaming which makes it easier for you to watch your favorite movie.

While it is not just a sports app, you can watch almost every type of movie which you like to watch like action, drama, comedy, suspense, horror, thriller, romance, sci-fi, romance, and many more. It is not just limited to movies.

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is a simple yet intuitive android application that lets you watch movies, TV shows, audio dramas, sports, songs, and other multimedia content that you wish to watch and listen to. All that you need to do is download the app and begin watching your favorite content.

The app provides you with a wide variety of content that includes Live Sports, TV Shows, Dramas, Serials, Movies, Songs, and other media channels. ThopTV does all the hard work for you and lets you start watching your content in no time. All you need to do is install the application on your android smartphone or tablet, log into your account, log out and you are good to go.

All ThopTV content is stored on your phone or tablet and hence there is no storage on the servers.

How does it work? 

Thoptv is a streaming app that works from anywhere. The user can connect with the application via the web browser, phone, laptop, or any other device that supports web browsing. One can enjoy the content via PC, android, or IOS. There is no restriction on the device where the user is streaming content.

Just install the application on his/her device and go for the experience.

Different kinds of shows

There are many kinds of the content offered on Thoptv. For example movies, TV shows, online programs, news, and so on. All the available content is free to watch

What are the top 5 channels for Thoptv?

Thoptv currently has more than 350 channels on its platform. Here are the top five channels, you can check out below.

Malaysia Icons

Malaysia Icons is the top favorite channel on Thoptv.

Features of ThopTV

4-Slice Entertainment: Our Movies App has a huge variety of movie categories like Hilarious Comedies, Nostalgic & Romantic Films, Action & Adventure Films, Horror Movies, and many more.

We also have feature films with subtitles

Netflix Features: Please read this part carefully. Netflix allows you to stream in both SD (320x240px) and HD (1280x720px).

1. Choose your favorite category.
2. Copy the same name of movies.
3. Download the movies in MP4 and save them in your gallery.
4. Watch and enjoy these movies on the ThopTV application.

Let’s Watch Some Movies

If you want to watch a specific movie, simply search the name of the movie in the App Store and click on the ‘Watch the Movie’ button.

You can also download the movies directly from our website. Just click on the video.

Can I watch anything on ThopTV? 

You can watch everything on ThopTV. The categories include Live TV, Music Videos, Sports, Shopping, and pretty much everything you can think of.

Can I change my Default Apps?

Yes! You can change the Default Apps whenever you want.

How do I watch movies?

You can watch just about any kind of movie you want. Some of the channels on ThopTV are linked with Netflix or Youtube.

How can I get rid of commercials?

If you choose not to watch any commercials ThopTV won’t show any on your stream. ThopTV has built-in anti-commercial technology to keep the experience as sweet as possible.

What are the streaming restrictions?

Thoptv has set up a music streaming service that allows you to enjoy music as you stream videos on the app.

Is Thoptv free?

Yes. You just need to register using a phone number or an email address. You can save your payment details to Thoptv on a payment plan to get the best bang for your buck

Is Thoptv online and can you access it in 4G networks?

Yes, Thoptv is live in 4G networks.

Can you watch Thoptv on your iPhone?

Yes, the app is available for iPhone users as well. The app can be downloaded from the App Store.

Thoptv is now also available in the Middle East. You can download the app for free from the UAE App Store. You can also visit to search and download.

How much does it cost to sign up for ThopTV?

There are multiple plans available for streaming channels. Each plan has its own pricing and includes a library of channels.

2 and above Plan – free per month (without ads)

3 and above Plan – 99p per month without ads

3+ Plan – £3.99 per month

How to sign up for ThopTV?

You can sign up for ThopTV by entering your email id or your name & id and password to authenticate yourself to the account.

Important notes:

ThopTV does not accept subscriptions from unknown sources. If you want to watch sports or any movies, then your mobile data charges will increase. For this reason, we strongly recommend subscribing only to premium packages for this app. If you do not have internet access on your mobile phone, please consult your network operator for assistance.


These are a few ways to customize the looks of the Android Lollipop and give it a beautiful and vibrant look. It would be always easier to change the looks of the device by either modifying the design of the system partition or by downloading and installing a custom recovery. However, we have not tested any of the above-mentioned methods as they are quite easy to follow. Do share your thoughts and comments and we will be glad to hear from you.

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