Passport Kaise Banaye 2021-2022

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Today we will look at how we can apply for a passport at home in less than 10 minutes, along with what happens at the passport office. See how the police verification is done.

To apply for a passport, we have to go to Google Chrome and search for "". After searching "", we will go to the main interface of Passport India. Now, we will have pop open.

passport kaise banaye 2021
passport Kaise banaye 2021

There Passport India has clearly mentioned that this red-colored website link is fake. We have to stay away from them. The official link is "".

To apply for a passport,

First, we have to register ourselves. On the left, we have to click on "New User Registration". We will then have to enter our registration details. First of all, we have to select the passport office, whichever place is closest to your home, you have to select that place from the table, then you have to enter your name written on the right side (first name + middle name) if you have If there is a middle name, you have to enter your middle with the first name.

If you do not have a middle name, just enter your first name in the first name column. Just look at your name in any of your government documents whether you use your middle name or not as the documents are verified at the passport office and there is a definite name match. . Then enter your surname and date of birth.

Now we have to enter our email id, swear your email id is active. Because there will be a lot of notifications on your email. After entering the email id, you will be asked if your login ID will be the same as the email id. Select the "Yes" option. After selecting the "Yes" option, your login ID will come automatically

Here you have to generate your password, whatever password you generate, enter the same password in the confirm password column. You will then be asked a hint question, select the question accordingly. Now you have to fill in the answer as per the question, then you have to fill in the captcha code.

Whatever character you are given, we have to enter that character,

Then click on the Register option below. Here it is written that a link is sent to your email to complete the registration. Now, we will open your email id. We will get a congratulatory message. We will also have a link at the bottom of the same message, we have to click on that link. Now, your user ID will be asked

All you have to do is enter your email id then click on the submit option. Your account is registered here, now, we have to click on "Click here to login". In the login ID, we have to enter our email id, then click on the on option. Now our password will be asked, but we have to enter the same password that we generated on the first page, then we have to fill in the captcha code but given the character, we have to enter the same character and then click on the login option

As you can see on the screen, we are logged in here. Now we have to apply for a passport, then we have to choose the first option "Apply for a fresh passport"

After doing this you will have 2 options to choose from, we have to click on the first option. Now, you have to enter your state and district

Enter this field according to your state and district.

After entering the state and district, your passport type will be asked.

We will select the "Fresh Passport" option after we are applying for a new passport

In "Type of Application" we will select the option "Normal".

And in the "Passport Booklet" type, we will select the "36 pages" option.

Then below we have to click on the “Next” option

Now the details of the application will be asked.

First, you have to enter your name or surname, then your gender will be asked, you choose it.

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You will then be asked "Are you ever known by any other name",

Select the "No" option here. You will then be asked, have you ever changed your name, here also select the option "No".

You will then need to enter your date of birth, then you will be asked "Your place of birth is outside India". If you were born in India then select "No". If you were born outside India, then choose "Yes".

You will then be asked, "Birthplace" i.e. the city in which you were born, fill in the details here. Your state or district will then be asked. You will also have to fill in that, then your marital status will be asked. If you are not married then you should choose single.

passport Kaise banaye 2021

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